Music album review

You Are Home by New Light Ruins

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In the summer of 2008, three young Jewish believers traveled to Israel and India. Since then, they have traveled to Nepal and Thailand, and their travels served as inspiration for You Are Home, their second full-length album.

You Are Home is a soulful folk-rock album full of catchy and appealing tunes. Though well produced, it remains raw and visceral with songs both sensitive and powerful. Consequently, it’s easy to imagine a lawn full of college-aged people singing along at a concert. The album’s occasionally easy-going vibe, however, belies the serious nature of its lyrics.

The songs address the existential condition of believers and non-believers alike in their struggle for satisfaction and acceptance. In “Tower of Babel,” they sing, “It ain’t enough just to love, we’ve got to fall down and remember where the love comes from.” “En-Route,” which simultaneously takes subtle stylistic cues from Dylan and The Beach Boys, offers encouragement to stay on the narrow path: “There’s life beyond that door, you’ve gotta have it, so keep your head down and move along. The door is there, and even when you cannot see it, plug your ears and be about your way.”

That so many disparate places and people could identify with this music—and serve as its inspiration—is a testament to its appeal. But more than that, it’s a testament to our universal need for a savior.

-reviewed by Seth Richards