Rebecca Redinger, 26, grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, in a Messianic Jewish home in which both her Jewish mother and gentile father believed in Jesus. They raised Rebecca and her siblings to know both Yeshua (Jesus) and their Jewish background. She came to believe in Jesus when she was seven.

They also instilled in her a love for art. “My parents are both artists,” says Rebecca, “so I grew up working on art projects and learning to appreciate beauty. In 2009 I bought a digital camera and realized photography was my favorite medium.”

After earning her B.A. in History from North Park University (Chicago), Rebecca received an M.A. in Public History from Loyola University and is currently enrolled in an online M.S. program in Library-Science with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Rebecca resides in Chicago.

Rebecca’s thoughts on art:

“Sometimes a photo just has to be taken; a moment has to be captured. That is art for art’s sake. But the reason I participate in the art-making process is more than that. Art should echo creation—the masterful work of the Creator. When I take a photo, I like to capture a moment in time. I love shooting close-ups because they reveal details that we don’t often stop to look at.”

Her thoughts on being a Messianic Jewish artist:
“My identity as a Jew is very much tied to my past. In college I studied history, and family history has always been a great interest of mine. As I take photos, I am mindful of the people and places that have come before, shaping both me and the world around me. As a follower of Yeshua, I recognize that my gifts are from God, and I seek to create art that both points to and glorifies him as the great Creator.”


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