Issues: Switching Teams?

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Switching Teams?

When a Jewish person believes in Jesus, has she “switched teams?” Is he now a Christian and not a Jew? Or have they discovered a new dimension to being Jewish? Read this thought-provoking article, then find out how a Jewish man and his father dealt with this dilemma.

Wailing Wall with a dove

So Why’d You Switch Teams?

I’m Jewish and I believe in Jesus. So I’ve often been asked: So … why’d you switch teams? You belonged to the Jewish people, you had a great thing going for you — why did you go over to the “other side”? The side of the Christians,...

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Barry and Cindie

Who Am I?
Author: Barry Gardner

My parents, Sy and Frieda Gardner, who have passed now, were both Jewish. My mother was raised in an Orthodox home and said we were descended from the priestly Levites. Her mother and father spoke Yiddish and English, kept a kosher kitchen, regularly attended...

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Sy and Cyndie

You are Precious
Author: Cyndie Warner-Gardner

I am gentile and my husband, Barry, is Jewish. Both of us believe in Jesus. Barry’s parents, Sy and Frieda, tolerated Barry’s faith but did not like to discuss it. Frieda was terminally ill with ovarian cancer, and my mother wanted Frieda and Sy to know...

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