Issues 19:04 Happy Birthday, Israel!

Happy Birthday Israel: Many Jewish Views
Author: Matt Sieger

Jews everywhere will be opining on the modern State of Israel as we celebrate her 64th anniversary. For many Diaspora Jews, the mention of Israel brings up deep emotions. In an Israeli Independence Day essay contest, Darcy Silvers wrote: I may live in the Diaspora, but Israel is in my heart. I think of Israel…

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An Interview with Dan Sered

Dan Sered grew up in Herziliya, Israel, and came to believe in Jesus while a university student in the States. He lives in Israel with his wife, Dinah, and their three children. What were you taught about Zionism growing up in the Israeli school system? Zionism, just as a definition, is a love for Zion….

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An Excerpt: Bound for the Promised Land

Prologue The air was heavy and hot. A thick, drowsy calm engulfed us. Scarcely a sound broke the monotony of the languid Sabbath afternoon. My husband and I were resting in our small apartment facing an empty courtyard. The rows of sleepy blocks of flats behind us formed a jagged square. They too seemed to…

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