Issues 18:10 Messianic Jewish Actors

And the Award Goes To…

It’s a fact that we are called the chosen people because God has chosen us to communicate his truth to the nations. He chose our people to write and preserve and proclaim the Scriptures. Sometimes, God called on his prophets to act out a message to his people. He instructed Ezekiel to lie on his […]

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From Happy Days to Happier Days

by Joe Glauberg I remember my high school science teacher telling me, “You’ll never be a scientist.” When I protested, citing my excellent grades in science and math, he replied, “Joe, you’ve got show business in your blood.” I guess he was right. In my late twenties, I got into a comedy-writing workshop in the […]

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Mark Friedlander: Freeing the Imagination
Author: Matt Sieger

You don’t have to be Jewish to play a part in the stage production of The Diary of Anne Frank. But it helps. Mark Friedlander played the role of Henk Gies who, with his wife Miep, hid the Frank family from the Nazis. Most of the cast was not Jewish. So when they got to […]

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David Suchet: Looking for Something Beyond
Author: Matt Sieger

Somewhere right now someone is watching David Suchet portray Agatha Christie’s famous Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot. An estimated 600-700 million people watch the television series worldwide. The reruns get better ratings than many new programs. Suchet has filmed more than 60 episodes, with only six to go to complete Christie’s entire body of work about […]

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