Issues 18:01 Evolution

Evolution: Fact or Theory?By Dr. Samuel L. Blumenfeld

“There are so many flaws in Darwinism that one can wonder why it swept so completely through the scientific world, and why it is still endemic today.” Sir Fred Hoyle1 Back in 1987 the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a 1981 Louisiana law which mandated a balanced treatment in teaching evolution and creation in the […]

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Movie Review: Expelled Revisited
Author: Matt Sieger

Ben Stein, best known as the boring teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, is also an economist, lawyer, former presidential speech writer and prolific author. He accepted the producer’s invitation to participate in the controversial movie Expelled because he does not believe that evolution alone can explain life on earth. This 2008 release argues that […]

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Space Wasn’t the Final Frontier
Author: Andrew Barron

I spent the first year of my life in that bastion of Jewish civilization known as Brooklyn; then my family moved to Queens. We attended a Conservative synagogue, where I developed an early awareness of God and the fact that things pertaining to him were to be set apart from the ordinary. Everyone in New […]

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Intelligent Design vs. Evolution

As one might expect, Jewish leaders have a wide variety of opinions on the subject: “All phenomena are traceable back to the Primary Cause in one of two ways: either directly from God’s will, or through intermediaries. An example of the first way is the order and assembly that is evident in living creatures, plant life, and […]

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