Issues 17:03 More Passover Questions

Adding a few more questions to the mix this Passover
Author: Rich Robinson

The number four plays a significant role in Judaism. There are the four species of plants for Sukkot; four kingdoms in the book of Daniel; four Torah portions in the tefillin; four Matriarchs in the book of Genesis. At Passover, we find this number in abundance. In the course of the seder we have four sons, four cups of wine, four expressions of redemption (Exodus 6:6-7) and perhaps the most famous “four” of all—the Ma Nishtana, known in English as the Four Questions…

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A Seder To Remember
Author: Rob Wertheim

I was excited to be on the West Coast and to see my older brother Steve. Dad had been there earlier when Steve found an apartment, and had returned to New York with the good news that my brother had found a place with a nice Jewish landlady who would “keep an eye on...

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In the Little Shtetl of Vaysechvoos: Eliahu at the Door
Author: Susan Perlman

In Vaysechvoos, as for Jews everywhere, Pesach was a very special occasion. Each house was made spotless and bright. All chometz was removed and all the special Passover dishes and utensils were brought out. The families eagerly awaited the celebration with its...

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Elijah Where Are You?
Topics: poetry

His silver goblet is filled to the brim
His place at the table is ready
We’ve thrown open the door to welcome him
Though his yearly absence is steady.
But still we wait
And still we hope
And wonder and hope a bit more
Till the youngest among us asks with a smile
Could it be that he’s at the back door?

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