Issues 17:01 Evangelical Christians

What Jews Should Know about Evangelical Christians

In this edition of ISSUES, we would like to offer a smorgasbord of material to help Jews who don’t believe in Jesus better understand evangelicals who do. What do evangelicals actually believe and how does it affect their life choices? What are the underpinnings of...

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From an Evangelical Perch
Author: David Neff

American Evangelicals constantly debate among themselves what it means to be an Evangelical. The question has no easy answer. Rabbi Yehiel Poupko courageously treads on disputed territory, and he gets it mostly right. Poupko definitely gets this right: Central to the...

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Have you ever felt mystified by beliefs and actions of evangelical Christians?

Perhaps you can relate to some of the following questions. The answers are not comprehensive, but we hope they will be helpful. (Compiled by Rebekah Harvey) I am so tired of hearing that I am going to hell if I don’t believe in Jesus. How can evangelical Christians...

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