We come into consciousness, we
know not from where
     And we face eternity, we know not
when or how
     We come into consciousness, and
eventually consciousness ends…
     Or does it?
     No wonder we are so angry,
frightened, confused and depressed
     Until we can figure out what it is all
     Or can we?
     Why bother?
     Some would say, Why bother”
because it doesn’t really make any
     Others would say, “Why bother”
because they have tried and tried and
still can’t figure it out
     Some have a suspicion that there is
an answer, but they don’t really want
to know what it is because they are
afraid it might cramp their style,
     And still others will tell you why they
bother and explain to you what
answers they’ve come up with.
     What do you think?