Issues 15:08 Tough Jews

Tough Jews: Hanukkah, Heroism and the Identity of the Messiah
Author: Rich Robinson

There is more than one way to view strength when it comes to the Jewish people and the Jewish Messiah.

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Tough (?) Jews of the Tanakh
Topics: charts, tanakh

Tough (?) Jews of the Tanakh Think there’s no way a Jewish carpenter from Nazareth deserves the title of Messiah? The Hebrew Scriptures are full of people whom we’ve considered heroes for generations, but a closer look reveals that these people may have...

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Bruce Hamovitz: A New Source of Strength

I used to visualize the number of ways I could hurt people. As a trained Kung Fu instructor on my way to becoming a master of the martial art, I would often ponder the most effective and efficient ways of defeating my sparring opponents…or anyone who threatened me....

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