Issues 15:05 The Two Messiahs

The Returning King: The Two Messiahs” in Zechariah”
Author: Garrett Smith

How can we reconcile the two very ways in which the Jewish scriptures portray the messiah?

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Behold Your King

Book Title: Behold Your King Author: William Webster Date Published: July 10, 2003 Publisher: Christian Resources ISBN: 978-1893531086 Reviewer: Jews for Jesus Prophecy and its literal historical fulfillment distinguishes the Bible from all other religious writings and sets Jesus apart as the most unique man who has ever lived,” says William Webster in his introduction…

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A Further Question

Modern Judaism eschews the idea that a man can be God, and this is often cited as an objection to the messiahship of Jesus. But Zechariah forces us to consider the validity of this objection, as the prophet repeatedly refers to the Messiah-king figure as Lord.” Zechariah 14:9: “The Lord will be king over the…

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