Issues 12:05 Jewish and for Jesus

Jewish and For Jesus: Is Separation Inevitable?

A history of relations between Jews who do believe in Jesus and those who don’t, and why the struggle continues today.

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Call Me
Topics: poetry
Author: Susan Perlman

Call me, he whispers. I’m in the book. But he isnt. Its just a line. Call me, she insists. I want to hear from you. But she doesnt. Shes changed her mind. Life can be cruel. Filled with empty words and half hearted promises. Or can one hope for more? Call me, another voice invites. Im waiting. Ive been waiting all your life. Im in the book. Really. And you will seek Me and find me, when you search for Me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29 13

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Topics: vaysechvoos

Everyone in Vaysechvoos said that they remembered Yossele. Most didn’t. Nevertheless, Yossele had lived in Vaysechvoos for a time, so each villager could claim an opinion, if not an acquaintance with this rabbi who was called a miracle-worker. Whereas nobody quite knew where he was born or where he came from, his mother, a young […]

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