their faces I formed so that mine they would seek
ears to listen for the Word I would speak
eyes to see, minds to understand
all they required I made with my Hand
the Law and the Prophets for centuries foretold
the birth of a baby begotten of old
in words unencoded, with language so plain
that even the simplest could call on my name
fathom mysteries confounding the wise
see the Messiah through a child’s eyes

glimpse the dawn of a Son1
born of a virgin, the anointed One2
humblest of servants, child of the King3
the righteous branch4
and source of our healing5
man of sorrows reviled and attacked6
riding in triumph on a donkey’s back
entering Jerusalem worshiped and praised7
for pieces of silver then sold as a slave8
blameless but beaten for crimes not his own9
hands and feet pierced yet no broken bone10
buried with rich men, he rose from the grave11
eternal high priest, his people to save12

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