Issues 11:03 Is There Hope for Peace?

Is There Hope for Peace?
Author: Susan Perlman

A biblical view of peace and how to attain it.

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Thoughts on Peace from Numbers Rabbah

Great is peace, for the prophets have taught all people to care for nothing so much as peaceā€¦. Great is peace, for it was given to the meek; as it says: But the lowly shall inherit the land, and delight themselves in abundance of peace” (Psalms 37:11). Great is...

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Author: Mark Greene

Of a morning The ancient breeze would unfurl, Gentle on the old man. Together they would go To the place of promise. And promise had been made, Nested in his heart, And promise had lain there, Content for the future. Only occasionally, as the years blew by, Gusted by...

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In the Little Shtetl of Vaysechvoos: Feivel’s Sons
Topics: vaysechvoos
Author: Susan Perlman

It all started with the yerushah that Heshie and Mendel received from their father, Feivel the Tanner. While Feivel was not a man of great wealth, he did have three precious jewels–rubies–given to him by his father, and they were to be his gift to his two...

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