Issues 10:03 You Will Have Trouble

In this World You Will Have Trouble…
Author: Daniel Botkin

While hard times are inevitable, some reflections on how God is ready to meet us personally.

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Ida’s Friend, God
Author: Arn Shein

Nothing about Ida really set her apart from most people-except for the harmless white lies she told about her age, and her quiet little chats with her friend, God. Like most Russian Jews around the turn of the century, as depicted in the hit musical Fiddler on the...

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Graveside Poem
Author: Russ Resnik

On Tisha B’Av my fathers sat by gravesides and memorial, intent on grief, on a Polish mound under iron skies to stalk their prey. Overtaken, its bitter yield, salted by tears for their sins and Zion’s pain, strengthened them for exile’s task and...

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The Hard Times
Topics: poetry

I need the pain, the hard times, and the fears; for it is then I see You more clearly through my tears. And I am drawn so close to You, it seems I feel Your breath upon my face. You comfort me, and draw me to my knees. You give me peace, and calm my fears. Then I am...

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