Issues 10:02 Lesson of Masada

A Stronghold For Today? The Lesson of Masada

The history of the Jewish stronghold is but one instance of when death is not necessarily a defeat.

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Things We Couldn’t Say

Things We Couldn’t Say by Diet Eman/James Schaap. W. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 390 pgs., hardcover. Not enough stories have been told. Not enough trees have been planted outside Yad Vashem. Not enough accounts have been written of the heroic deeds of those righteous Gentiles” who risked everything to save Jews during the second World […]

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Leah, the wife of Mendel and eldest daughter of the Sage, was known in Vaysechvoos as a very pious and wise woman. She was also a seer. She did not inherit her wisdom from her parents nor her foretelling abilities from any book. When Leah had a dream, it meant something. She didn’t remember every […]

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