Issues 09:07 Yeshua the Tzaddik

Yeshua the Tzaddik: But Even More!

The role of a righteous mediator in Jewish thought and how Jesus meets and exceeds the criteria.

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How Beautiful Are The Feet
Author: Tina Durham

the hard whorls of skin like horn the calluses polished like ivory the sole stained yellow from old sandal leather the clean instep arching above the dirt the heel curving away from the earth and the ankle strong and supported

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Compassion: The Small Print

Compassion lies down with the wasting as scorpions of death quick-step past, where a legion of underfed icons take part in a withering fast. Compassion turns over tables and then tends to go for the throat of those whose riches are suspect, for Compassion has only one coat. Compassion was flayed without mercy abused on […]

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