Issues 08:03 Today’s Rituals

Today’s Rituals: Reminders or Replacements?
Author: Zhava Glaser

Very few Jews have the courage to talk about the most important subject in the Jewish religion: that is, the question of the Temple, the high priest, the altar and the place of sacrifice. Gershon Salomon is a man of such courage. This 53-year-old scholar is the...

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In the Little Shtetl of Vaysechvoos: Leah’s Question
Topics: vaysechvoos
Author: Susan Perlman

Leah was, in a way, like the other women of Vaysechvoos. She cooked the same food, wore the same home-sewn clothes from the bolts of material bought from the peddler of Vilna, and she sang the same Sabbath prayers. She enjoyed the gossip that travelers would bring...

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