Issues 07:10 Will the Real Messiah

The Junk Dealer
Topics: vaysechvoos

Motl the Junk Dealer had first visited Vaysechvoos many years ago. He had come from Lodz in a broken-down cart led by a broken-down horse. Beside him on the cart was a sackful of worthless items that the enterprising Motl had peddled to each of the shopkeepers in Vaysechvoos. To Eleazer the Butcher he sold […]

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Will the Real Messiah…
Author: Rich Robinson

When Messiah comes!” That phrase has often been the catch-all answer to the troublesome questions of life. When the Messiah comes there will be peace; or, Messiah himself will bring peace; or, Messiah will come when all Israel observes one Sabbath together. The messianic hope has always been part and parcel of the storehouse of […]

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