Went to Rome once
Saw the Coliseum
Now inhabited by numerous stray cats
Imagined cruel Emperors, savage crowds,
howling relatives, bigger cats
and inwardly retched.
Also saw a red-haired Chinaman
and a one legged Italian riding a bike.

Went to Munich once
Glorious city
Thought about the inevitable,
articulate bully boys
leading a nation into mayhem
watched them striding through
the stirring crowds.
Thought about visiting Dachau
but inspected my own soul instead.

Went to Paris once
Didn’t bother with Notre Dame
as I’d seen the film.
Strange flippant city
Not a place to think in.

Went to Jerusalem once
Could have sworn I smelt heaven
several times
Watched the Crucifixion
Actually volunteered to hold the nails
as he was roped onto the cross.
Got spat at by a camel
Funny how animals sense things.