Issues 07:03 Teshuvah

Teshuvah: Repentance in the Right Direction

If you wish to come back, Israel—it is HaShem who speaks— it is to me you must return. (Jeremiah 4:1)1 And one of them, an authority on the Torah, put a test question to Him. Rabbi, which is the greatest commandment in the Torah?” He [Yeshua] answered, “‘You must love the Lord your God with […]

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Went To…

Went to Rome once Saw the Coliseum Now inhabited by numerous stray cats Imagined cruel Emperors, savage crowds, howling relatives, bigger cats and inwardly retched. Also saw a red-haired Chinaman and a one legged Italian riding a bike. Went to Munich once Glorious city Thought about the inevitable, articulate bully boys leading a nation into […]

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Pyoter wasn’t very smart, even for a gentile. That is what the Jews of Vaysechvoos said. The goyim who lived 10 kilometers east of the village said worse about the boy. Even their Galach called Pyoter an idiot, dumbhead, stupid ox. However he didn’t play the cruel pranks on Pyoter which so many in his […]

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