I didn’t use to believe in any kind of an eternal existence. Still there was always that possibility that there may be another place where we’re going to be accountable, so I tried to live in light of that. I knew that there was a God. When I was 47 years old (16 years ago) I became a believer in Jesus. And I just knew that I was going to live forever. I can’t say that I know just what it’s going to be like, but I do know that it’s going to be wonderful.”

“Certain truths that we have from the Bible make one wonder. We will have great responsibilities, we will be praising [God], we will understand what we don’t understand now.”

“I believed that the only way that we lived on was in the memory of those who followed us. But I didn’t think I had anything to look forward to but oblivion.

“Now, knowing that Jesus is not a liar, and that he said, ‘I go to prepare a place for you,’ I have great comfort in this life. The Scripture talks about there being no mourning or tears or fighting or strife…that is something to look forward to.”

“We have an intuitive sense that we’re known by God, but we don’t quite know what he sees in us. Those things we have vaguely sensed about God will become clear. Yes, those things will be very clear.”