Issues 06:06 If You Want Life, Expect Pain

If you want life, expect pain
Author: Susan Perlman

A person sensitized by suffering might well ask the question, If God exists and he is loving, why does everything hurt so much?” There are no easy answers that we can give because the “so much” is something that only he or she can know. Nobody can...

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Yuppies Before Their Time

  Steve and Bobbi Gorman thought they had everything, but when everything” was gone, there was room in their life for more. They are both Jewish. In fact, they met at a singles club event at the temple. She was 19 and he was 22. Steve recalls, “It was a...

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The Gates of Zion
Topics: book reviews
Author: Ruth Rosen

Book Title: The Gates of Zion Author: Veronica Foldes Frame Date Published: April 1, 2006 Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc Genre: 1. Historical ISBN: 978-1414301020 Reviewer: Ruth Rosen The Gates of Zion is one in an ongoing series of Bodie Thoene’s...

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In the Little Shtetl of Vaysechvoos: The Hungarian Peddler
Topics: vaysechvoos
Author: Susan Perlman

The people of Vaysechvoos could not be called ignorant; after all, the men studied the Law, Mishnah and Gemara for hours on end. Some could even quote rabbis who had lived in distant times and far away places. Yet the word simple” seemed to fit the people of...

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