Issues 05:02 The Role of the Mediator

The Role of the Mediator: Who Can Stand for Us?

An air of intensity hung over the little synagogue. It was stifling as the men of the congregation stood together, solemn in prayer, deep in concentration. Heads covered with tallisim, some of the men took on the appearance of prophets pleading for the people, beating their breasts, afflicting their souls for the sake of the […]

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Author: Lyn Bond

Book Title: Betrayed! Author: Stan Telchin Date Published: June 1, 2007 Publisher: Chosen Books; Revised edition Genre: 1. Judaism 2. Messianic Judaism 3. Teens ISBN: 978-0800794231 Reviewer: Lyn Rosen Bond Purchase this online as a book or audio cassette. Betrayed! is a book that should have been written decades ago. Stan Telchin’s response to his […]

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The Old Woman

The tiny, one-room house was dark and musty. Narrow sunbeams poked through the cracks around a small draped window, and near the bed a solitary wick flickered in a little bowl of oil. Nachamah-Leah lay in her bed. She had lain there for some 10 years now, barely able to move or sit up, much […]

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