Issues 04:09 How Jewish is a Jew for Jesus?

How Jewish Can a Jew for Jesus Be?

Jewish believers in Jesus are often accused by fellow Jews of not being Jewish enough in their practice. At the same time, there have always been believers in Jesus who labeled as legalism” any attempts by Jewish believers to keep Jewish practices. By legalism they usually mean an attempt to win God’s favor or their […]

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Author: Larry Brandt

A potential convert to Judaism once came to Shammai1—so the story goes—and asked him, How many Torahs do you have?” The stern Shammai replied, “Two—the Written Torah (the Law of Moses), and the Oral Torah (the Rabbinical traditions).” The man said, “Well, I’ll convert to Judaism on the condition that you teach me only the […]

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The Jews: God’s People

Book Title: The Jews—God’s People Author: Hilla and Max Jacoby Date Published: 1984 Publisher: Daybreak Books Reviewer: Jews for Jesus It somehow seems strange that a photo essay of Israel and her people isn’t a more common sight in bookstores today, considering the tiny but strategic nation’s prominent place in world news. This alone would […]

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Leaving Egypt
Author: Ellen Berger

As I wander in the desert, abandon old idols of gold and silver and take His easy and gentle yoke upon me. Looking back, I see a trail tracing my steps back to Egypt. I can weigh myself down again with those gold and silver chains of slavery at any time. Except that, as I […]

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How do I then answer you, my heart dumb and dull as my tongue; as memories crowd and force their way like people on market day. Why not leave buried in sand all I murdered with that Egyptian? I grasp rough wool in my hands, not the heart of man; and live as one fled—an […]

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A Carol for Pesach

Time’s slippery fingers touched on death Her ears atingle she held her breath Three days and nights the man lay dead… then HE AROSE! she bowed her head.

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