Issues 03:08 Who Rejected Jesus?

Who Rejected Jesus?

Didn’t the Jews reject Christ?” The question came booming over the radio studio amplifier and out to the listening audience. The producer of the call-in program sitting across the table from me nearly had a heart attack! How the question ever passed the person screening calls from the control booth was difficult to imagine. However, […]

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I Needed a Better Explanation

As I grew up, every Friday night my family would gather about the table. Mother lit the Sabbath candles. It was a special tradition, not for religious reasons, but because it was time we spent together. My brother and I learned of the holidays and traditions through our parents’ teaching, as well as by attending […]

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Zayde when I was a little girl you bounced me on your knee and called me shayna maidele” Your pretty one. Oh, your black beard scared me so! And zayde I always loved to look through your dresser drawer and find the cherry drops you had hidden there But no one told me one day […]

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The Wealthy Tanner

Zeidel, son of Peretz, had every, reason to be a happy man. And why shouldn’t he be happy? Zeidel was the wealthiest man in the district. He was a tanner by trade. His great-grandfather had discovered a secret that made leather softer and more durable. Soon, every cobbler in the province was bargaining for this […]

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