Issues 03:07 Another Holocaust?

Another Holocaust?

Another holocaust? Perish the thought! How can we bear to think of another horror when the European holocaust massacred six million Jewish people, one third of all Jews living at the time. Of the six million, one million were children. PAINFUL MEMORIES Difficult to Face Only in the last several years have our Jewish people […]

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Preparing for Armageddon

The following is a true account by an Israeli woman who received a call-up order” from the army. For reasons of security her name has been withheld. The letter, which had arrived a month in advance, was couched in military terms of “call-up order,” ordinance numbers and penalties for non-appearance. So, exactly at the appointed […]

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The Late Great Planet Earth
Author: Mitch Glaser

The Late Great Planet Earth, Hal Lindsey, with C.C. Carlson. Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing Company. 1979 180pp. Paperback. When is a prophet a prophet? Hal Lindsey says, The answer lies in the test of a true prophet which Moses gave — their prophecies must all come true. They (the prophets of Israel) could not be […]

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The Draft

The shrieks from the shtetl were so piercing that it seemed that they would, like lightning, flatten the little shtetl of Vaysechvoos. You see, nothing struck terror in the hearts of the people more than the news of the draft–the conscription of Jewish boys into the Czarist army. Our people have been serving in the […]

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