I can choose—
To be relaxed, dormant in thought and deed;
To accept only that which is laid on me:
Like a stone that receives no input, transmits no output
And makes no choice as to the moss on its surface,
I can choose to be oblivious to my environment.

I can choose—
To accept bidding and direction from any dominating force,
And like a piece of driftwood drawn and led by currents and tides,
I can choose not to choose,
But to co-exist with the results of my indecision.

I can choose—
A direction of compassion and loyalty;
To reach for teachings within the scope of my chosen way;
Teachings, however sincere, limited by individual intellect and interpretation.
I can try to adapt to these teachings of man and to learn
From all I choose to read, listen to, and look at.

I can choose—
To be alert, ever seeking new avenues of learning;
Neither to ignore, nor be limited by inherent motivations:
But just as an advancing stream
Absorbs fruition and disperses enriched deposits
In each of the rivulets it forms and explores,
So I can choose to reach beyond the extent of my immediate scope—
To my roots—toward the very heights—to learn and to teach.

I can choose—
To live reflecting the FACETS of my MAKER;
I can choose;
I am chosen;
I am a Jew.