Issues 03:03 The Final Encounter?

The Final Encounter?

Mankind has been confronted with the experience of death since the beginning of time, and yet there is hardly another subject about which we know so little. Modern man chooses to escape from the awesome awareness of his own mortality and seeks ways to isolate himself from those approaching death. Why is this? The Scriptures…

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An Unopened Letter to My Father

The following letter by Stuart to his father was written on Stuart’s 36th birthday. Dear Dad: Today marks the 36th anniversary of that rainy, chaotic, joyful day when (as you told me so many times) you drove on Brooklyn’s streets and sidewalks, past hurricane-felled trees, to get Mom to the hospital so that a doctor,…

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Through Death’s Door: and Back!
Author: Lyn Mann

Through Death’s Door—and Back! by Lyn Mann This article originally appeared in ISSUES 3:3 I was a very fortunate person. I had a loving husband, children who were a source of joy and satisfaction, a beautiful home, a profession as a teacher who loved teaching. Most importantly, I had a relationship with God. To me,…

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Death Ward: By a Nurse Who Worked There
Author: Martha Jacobs

Many of the people who came in, both young and old, never left. In some rooms the stench of death hovered with gruesome anticipation over the frames that still breathed: sturdy bodies grown frail, once healthy complexions now pale and sallow. I watched families leave weighted down by grief over the loss of their loved…

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In the Little Shtetl of Vaysechvoos: The Undertaker
Topics: vaysechvoos
Author: Susan Perlman

Vaysechvoos was a town without an official” undertaker, yet when the Malach Ha-Moves did visit the little shtetl, it was Yacov the Shammes who saw to it that all arrangements were made. When a person was dying, Yacov made sure that there were enough people to stand watch. For once it is known that someone…

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