Issues 02:07 Issues and Answers

Issues and Answers

An Open Letter to the Issues Readership Dear Reader: This may be the first edition of Issues you’ve ever received, or you may be a long-time reader of this publication. To date, Issues has printed a number of articles representing Jewish Christian viewpoints on topics relevant to Jewish people. Perhaps you share our beliefs, or […]

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When Being Jewish Was a Crime

No Jew who lived through the merciless devastation of the Holocaust emerged unscarred. Many Jews responded either by rejecting God or even hating Him. Rachmiel Frydland in his recent book, When Being Jewish Was a Crime, presents another perspective. Mr. Frydland grew up in Poland where he was in training for the rabbinate. As a […]

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The Junk Dealer

The people of Vaysechvoos had a simple and childlike faith in the Almighty. Occasionally, their innocence would attract some self-seeker from a nearby town who would take advantage of them. And so it was on the day that Motl the junk dealer from the village of Lodz arrived in Vaysechvoos. Motl was a cynic who […]

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