Issues 02:06 What is Man…

What Is Man…

The Jewish community and the evangelical Christian community share a common aspiration toward a time when there will be universal peace. However, alongside this commonality of aspiration is a contrast of viewpoints as to how it will be realized. While evangelicals often stress God’s sovereignty in bringing in the world order described by the prophets, […]

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The Chain
Author: Zhava Glaser

Seventeen pairs of eyes looked to me to teach them the Hebrew language as I continued the chain of tradition. I grew up in Argentina, but I felt that I was a member of a worldwide Jewish community. Yet I had a particular perspective of what it meant to be Jewish. I remember as a […]

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The Chain of Dances

The chain is not torn, The chain still continues, From the fathers to the sons, From generations to generations, the chain still continues… The chain is not torn, The chain still continues, From nights of joy of the Torah, Unto nights of the joy of Masada, The chain still continues… This was how our fathers […]

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In the Little Shtetl of Vaysechvoos: The Benefactor

In the village of Vaysechvoos, a rich man was one who had a house with an upstairs. He was the man whose wife could purchase her garments from the peddlers who passed from village to village. Henekh, the wool merchant, was one of those wealthier men. He even had a kerosene stove in the kitchen […]

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