The most characteristic Jewish greetings are, Shalom – Peace and Lechayim – Life. These two essential requirements are basic for all human needs – life and peace.  —The Vocabulary of Jewish Life, by Abraham Mayer Heller

A Chinese sage was asked by a farmer when the world would truly know peace. The sage replied, “Follow me.”

He then brought him to the side of a brook, put his hand on the farmer’s head, and pressed it into the water until the farmer came up gasping for breath. The sage then said: “This is your answer. When man wants peace, when he wants peace as much as you just wanted air, when he comes up gasping for peace, when he is ready to give everything in himself to have peace, as you have given to have air, he will have peace.” —A Complete Treasury of Stories for Public Speakers, by Morris Mandel

Wherever peace reigns, you need no courts. —Tosefta

Peace cannot be kept by force, but through understanding. —Einstein

Peace without truth is a false peace. –Mendel of Kotzk

Three days before Messiah’s advent, Elijah will appear on the mountains of Israel and bewail them: “O Mountains of Israel, how long will you remain waste and desolate?!” Then will he proclaim world peace… and the Holy One will… redeem Israel. —Pesikta Rabbati, ch. 35

In our holy language, the words for ruler (Moshel) and for peace (sholem) consist of the same letters, suggesting that a ruler’s duty is to maintain peace. —Hayye Ha-Rav Kook, p. 192