Issues 02:04 This Land is Mine

This Land is Mine

More often than not, the claim to Palestine as a Jewish homeland has been based upon historical and national rights. All this changed when Menachem Begin became Prime Minister of Israel. Historical and national claims were not discarded, but took secondary place to...

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If I Forget You, O Jerusalem

I’ll never forget the very first time I stood before the Western Wall in the ancient city of Jerusalem. I was seventeen years old and had just finished my first year in college. It was the summer of 1967. I had come to Israel as a volunteer along with thousands...

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The First Impressions of Israel, As Told By a Jewish Christian

The wings of the TWA jetliner lifted and dipped as we made our final approach over the coast of Israel. I could see a mixture of sand dunes, scrub oak and faded cement structures. Houses quickly gave way to massive apartment buildings, which in turn blended into the...

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The Contingencies of the Covenant
Topics: covenant
Author: Jean Zeller

The If” of the Covenant is contained in the call to obedience. The “Then” of the Covenant is contained in God’s intention to bless. The “If” of the fulfillment is contained in the “I will” of obedience. The...

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When Messiah Comes: Shalom
Topics: peace, poetry

Israel— What will you be like when Messiah comes? You, who have known no peace, will you marvel at the silence where no guns ring— will you writhe beneath the yoke of freedom you will bear— will there be singing and laughing as the prophets foretold— Yes, Israel, you...

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