Issues: The Son of God

The Son of God

The rabbi’s voice was warm. His eyes were filled with concern as he asked, So please explain, what is this your parents are telling me? You believe in Jesus? Is this true?” He listened quietly as I, one of his own bar mitzvah boys, the son of family...

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A Lesson for My Son… About Sin

A Lesson for My Son... About Sin Back in the days when most New York Jews lived in tenements, they would go to the public baths. However, the children were bathed at home in a small washtub. When they grew too big for the washtub, they too went to the public baths....

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The Parable of the Three Rings

When I was a child growing up in New York City, some of my playmates in the neighborhood were of different religious backgrounds. Some were Protestant; some were Catholic. I wasn’t quite sure what the differences between the religions were. My friends seemed to be interested in the same sports I was, went to the same schools I did, and had the same difficulties in their studies. But, when the holidays arrived, each of us celebrated different ones. So, I approached my father and asked him what the difference was between what we believed and what my friends believed. He began to tell me the story of the three rings.

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