We want to have honest conversations with open-minded Jewish people about issues that deeply affect our people and how these issues relate to Jesus.

We realize these are not static issues, but part of ongoing conversations our people have been having for thousands of years. We want to hear your voice too. Send us an email or chat with us live!

Welcome to the Raging ’20s!
January 17, 2020

I woke up on January 1st to an unusually large number of text messages, the cleverest being, “Welcome to the roaring ’20s!” But three Jewish people had just been shot and killed less than 30 minutes from my house. Five more had been stabbed an hour away at a Hanukkah party. The progressive and prosperous era of the 1920s had never felt so far away.

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Did You Know? Christmas Facts
December 6, 2019

Did You Know? Christmas Facts These four fast facts about Christmas are bound to make you “that guy” at your next dinner party. You’re welcome. When Santa Claus began coming down peoples’ chimneys The character of Santa Claus is actually based on a bishop named...

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When Jesus Was Actually Born

When Jesus Was Actually Born Christmas is the worst. And not in a “Bah! Humbug!” way. Why? Because the most anticipated event in Jewish history – the coming of the Messiah – has been hijacked and distorted beyond recognition. I’m Jewish and I follow Yeshua (Jesus),...

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Jews and Christmas: An International Perspective
December 3, 2019

“When the 2013 Pew survey revealed that 4 percent of American Orthodox Jews reported having a Christmas tree, I was shocked! What’s more, the study indicated that one-third of all American Jews claim to have a Christmas tree, as well. I began to wonder if the Jewish relationship with Christmas was more complicated than I had realized.”

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How to Celebrate the Holidays in an Interfaith Home
October 30, 2019

How to Celebrate the Holidays in an Interfaith Home Preparing for and rearing children is a difficult feat, but it can prove to be even more challenging for an interfaith household. Each parent may have unique hopes, dreams, and expectations for the lives they lead,...

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9 Ways to Fight Anti-Semitism
August 15, 2019

Anti-Semitism is on the rise. Within the last year, there have been multiple synagogue shootings and countless reports of anti-Semitic incidents. In times like these, one’s initial reaction is to take action, but what should we do? Here are 9 ways you can fight anti-Semitism.

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Anti-Semitism in France: Where Ancient History Meets Modern Rhetoric

What is it like to be a Messianic Jew living in Paris during this time of heightened anti-Semitism? Here is a sobering look at it and an exploration of what’s at the root of this problem.

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Why Including Christians in Jewish Traditions is Key to Fighting Anti-Semitism

Cultural appropriation is a serious offense. Where is the line between appropriation and appreciation? Can Christians participate in traditional Jewish celebrations without it turning into appropriation or leading to anti-Semitism? Does belief in Jesus invalidate Messianic Jewish people from continuing to observe Jewish traditions?

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Q & A – Is Christianity Anti-Semitic?

Hatred of the Jewish people has been around as long as we have, and the Christian church has often been at the forefront of this persecution throughout history. Does this make Christianity anti-Semitic? What would Jesus have to say about how his people have been treated by those who claim to follow him?

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Is He Jewish Enough?
June 14, 2019

The man who would one day lead his Jewish people to redemption and bring down the Torah from Sinai chose not to reveal that he was a Hebrew. He actively identified as an Egyptian, and that’s how he would have gone down in history if God had not intervened. In the Hebrew Scriptures, the textbook for Jewish identity, the definition of that identity always comes from God.

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Chosen for What?

In order to be the light that we were called to be, we need to integrate the two most essential commands of the Torah into who we are and how we live. It was to love God and to love our neighbors that the Jewish people were chosen.”

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Q&A: Does This Publication Have an “Agenda”?

We don’t want anyone to stop being Jewish. Jesus didn’t want that either. We think every Jewish person has the right to explore the identity of Jesus for themselves and draw their own conclusions rather than let that choice be made for them by rabbis 2,000 years ago.

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Inclusive Judaism

Inclusivity should actually be a foundational part of our Jewish identity. And according to the Hebrew Scriptures, it’s nothing short of our destiny. Opening our arms to the nations and gathering those at the fringes doesn’t dilute our identity. If anything, it points us back to the heart of God’s calling for our people all along.

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Finding Spiritual Harmony in Your Interfaith Relationship
June 13, 2019

Finding Spiritual Harmony in Your Interfaith Relationship More than 50 percent of all Jewish marriages are to non-Jews, and over 70 percent of all Jewish romantic partnerships are with Gentiles. Unfortunately, research indicates that interfaith couples experience more...

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The Search for the Historical Jesus
February 19, 2019
Author: Andy Koenig

Yes, Jesus existed. But he is much more than a historical figure. Both Jews and Gentiles have been gripped by the person of Jesus as they read the Gospel accounts. If even non-believers must acknowledge Jesus’ existence, then the Gospels make it evident that he has the power to change our lives.

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Five Things About Esther That Nobody Talks About

No celebration of Purim is complete without the traditional reading of the story of Esther. She is one of the few, true heroines of the Tanach. And, from what we read, her story isn’t exactly as pretty as her face. It’s gritty and (unfortunately) relatable to readers who may have rocky histories of their own.

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How do you respond when people say that the Jews killed Jesus?

Unfortunately, one of the most common phrases a Jewish person can hear is this: “The Jews killed Jesus.” Such condemnations have plagued the Jewish people for the last two thousand years, acting as the fuel behind countless anti-Semitic atrocities throughout history. They have emerged from the mouths of self-proclaimed Christians, from atheists—from both those who consider themselves religious and those who do not. And it has to stop.

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Is Mindfulness Meditation Jewish?
November 16, 2018
Author: Stan Meyer

Meditation in the Jewish Scriptures describes a different approach to mindfulness meditation: in the Scriptures, mindfulness meditation refers to applying one’s attention upon God, His Word, and His attributes.

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Finding Mindfulness in the Jewish Scriptures
Author: Stan Meyer

Counter to contemporary Western culture, where meditation is often a therapeutic exercise for self-improvement, in the Scriptures it is a path to encounter God by giving attention to His message.

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4 Things to Know About Jewish Healing
November 15, 2018
Author: Jacqui Meyer

Interacting with a personal God who listens to our prayers and cares about our daily affairs feels foreign to many Jewish people. Thus the Jewish healing movement is an opportunity to explore one’s spiritual beliefs and develop new ways of relating to God.

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Spiritual but Not Religious?
October 16, 2018
Author: Ruth Rosen

Issues relevant to the “spiritual but not religious” movement are so ancient that the Jewish Bible addresses many of them—and so does Jesus in the “Newer” Testament.

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Jewish Father. Catholic Mother. Protestant Wife. My Cure for Spiritual Confusion

I had a semblance of Jewish education and a strong sense of Jewish identity. But since my home was a home without God – and since the Christians and the Jews I knew did not seem to truly believe – I assumed that God must be present elsewhere.

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The Messiah Would be God!

The New Testament throughout shows that Jesus is indeed the “Mighty God” who has come among us as a human being. Jesus does things only God can do, such as forgive sins and command nature to obey him.

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Q&A: What Kind of Jew was Jesus?

The kind of Judaism Jesus represented is debated, but Judaism it was. For there was as yet nothing called “Christianity.”

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Will I Still Be Jewish If I Follow Jesus?
September 27, 2018
Author: Samuel Rood

God made you Jewish on purpose. What if faith in Jesus enables you to discover the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob—the One who has the final say on what being Jewish means?

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Was Jesus the Founder of Christianity?
September 7, 2018

Scholars and theologians debate the particular kind of Judaism Jesus represented, but it was Judaism nonetheless. There was, as yet, nothing called “Christianity.”

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