No one said it’s always easy being Jewish and for Jesus. Havurah, or “fellowship,” addresses the special concerns and interests of Jewish believers in Jesus.

Life from the Dead
Author: Avi Snyder

There are a number of cities throughout Europe that need to hear the gospel from Jewish lips specifically because of what happened to us there. Three of these cities are Berlin, Warsaw and Budapest. Maybe you can already see the historical thread that connects these...

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From the Editor
Author: Rich Robinson

Readers of Havurah will notice that Aaron Abramson’s usual lead article is missing from this edition. In the summer of 2011, Aaron moved with his family to New York City in order to head up our outreach in “the Big Apple.” As a former New Yorker, I...

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Assimilation or Acculturation?
Author: Susan Perlman

What Hanukkah Has to Show Us If you listen to the Jewish experts, they all seem to agree on one thing: one of the greatest threats to Jewish survival is assimilation.  Some say that assimilation is a result of intermarriage and are quick to point out that the rate of...

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When Non-Negotiables Go Bad
Author: Rich Robinson

As Susan Perlman’s article shows, discussions in the Jewish community about assimilation are nothing new. In fact, even prior to the Maccabean revolt, the assimilationist vs. non-assimilationist scenario was playing out in soap-opera fashion.  The high priest...

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A Hanukkah Prayer

At Hanukkah, our Jewish people recite this prayer: Blessed are you, O Lord our God, King of the universe, who performed miracles for our ancestors in those days at this time. The late Vera Schlamm was a Holocaust survivor who understood such prayers. In the story of...

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Something Different for This Hanukkah!

Judah Maccabee didn’t know this, but “without Hanukkah, there would be no Christmas!”  Now, though, your Jewish friends and family can know when you send them our special Hanukkah postcard. You can view it full-color here where you can also download...

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The Aliyah Question

“Jewish believers belong in Israel!” There was an awkward moment as we mulled over the statement. Then the conversation picked up again. An Israeli Messianic leader had challenged a group of American Jewish believers about Messianic Jewish identity. His...

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Reports from the Ground

Havurah asked four Jewish believers—three Americans, one Ukrainian—about their aliyah experiences. Here is what they shared with us. At their request, some of their names have been changed. Avi In 1988, Moishe Rosen invited my wife and me to be his guests on our first...

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To the Jew First and Also to the Gentile

We spoke to several pastors who are Jewish and who also lead evangelical churches. Their stories are testimonies of God’s faithful leading to bring three men to Himself from their Jewish backgrounds, as well as leading them into ministry in the church. They feel...

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We Had Questions…Oy! So Many Good Answers!

This was the most fun article to put together, because it’s all about YOU! We recognize that not all of our Havurah readers worship at a Messianic congregation, or live so far out in Yennevelt that they don’t have the option. Many in our Messianic family...

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Wonder What You Can Do with the Wonderbook?

Book Title: The Wonder Book: Answers to Kids’ Questions Author: Child Evangelism Fellowship Date Published: 2000 Publisher: CEF Press ISBN: 978-1559760249 Reviewer: Jews for Jesus Scores of books on evangelism are available, but little has been written that...

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Inside the Mind of Blue Mosaic

Blue Mosaic is Jews for Jesus’ newest, and very international, musical team.  They focus on evangelism in secular venues like coffeehouses and campuses, in addition to performing in churches and Messianic congregations. You can read their full bios, listen to...

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Is Messianic Music Dead?

My dad has always been into music. I remember the smell of vinyl and the hundreds of interesting (and bizarre) album covers scattered throughout our living room. We used to sit and listen to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young; Cream; The Who; The Rolling Stones; Dylan;...

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Reconciling An Artist to His Creator

by Remy R. I found myself surrounded by some forty-odd pairs of stoned and glassy eyes, staring at me and soaking in my every word. I was used to being in front of an audience, performing for people, but I could not have foreseen this: having a platform to speak to...

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Moishe, Buddha and the LCJE
Topics: LCJE
Author: Ruth Rosen

  An excerpt from the forthcoming biography by Ruth Rosen This way, Moishe!” Jhan pointed to some small boats on the river. He then darted to the other side of the road before his boss could reply. It was a small town in Thailand, but even so, Moishe looked both...

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Contribute* to This!

*We’re not asking for money. We want YOU! Camp Gilgal’s Wonderful Winter Weekends — February 2011. For children and youth ages 8–18. www.campgilgal.com And now’s the time to think about: Summer Witnessing Campaign 2011 — If you’re a Jewish believer age 18–30,...

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In Their Own Words – Four Asian-Jewish Couples

Havurah posed several questions to Asian-Jewish couples who are both believers in Y’shua. Below we excerpt some of their answers. For the full responses, go to http://www.jewsforjesus.org/asianjewish Oded and Bimini Cohen Havurah: What are some aspects of your...

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Web Only HavurahXTRA: In Their Own Words: Interviews with Asian-Jewish Couples (extended)

Havurah posed five questions to several Jewish-Asian couples where both partners are believers in Jesus. The print edition of Havurah excerpted the following responses which are given here in full. What are some aspects of your spouse’s background that you found...

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The Changing Face of the Jewish Community: Meet the Asian-Jewish Intermarrieds
Author: Stan Meyer

The face of the Jewish community is changing. Nowhere is this clearer than in the case of intermarriage. In fact, many readers of Havurah may be Jewish and married to a non-Jew, or know someone who is. Five years ago we ran an article by Tuvya Zaretsky on...

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Backgrounder to Asian-Jewish Edition of Havurah
Author: Stan Meyer

Rise of Asian-Jewish Mixed Marriages Many began to notice Asian and American intermarriages in the 1990s after immigration from the Far East began to peak. Asian immigration increased steadily after 1965 when Congress reversed controversial racial quotas on...

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Hear My Cry, O God! The Mystery and Power of Prayer

Not long ago, the father of my friend passed away. The family had prayed for his salvation for years. At the end, he was physically unable to respond, leaving his family uncertain whether he had ever received the gospel. Another friend prayed for his father, a...

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Prayer and Jewish Liturgy – A Havurah Interview with Crystal Buchhalter

Crystal Buchhalter is a Jewish believer who served as cantorial soloist at a synagogue for several years. She and her husband Shaun currently serve with Jews for Jesus’ music team, The Liberated Wailing Wall. Havurah: Sometime people ask, if we can pray spontaneously,...

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and there was STRIFE: Jewish Believers and Conflict

Many of us have felt the ache of unresolved conflict in our lives despite our attempts to untangle and resolve it. In fact, as long as there are people, conflict is inevitable. Conflict can turn the most beautiful day of the year into the gloomiest. Two close friends...

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real-life conflict: four vignettes

CONGREGATIONAL CONFLICT Robert Rose The congregation I serve experienced conflict surrounding the resignation of the previous pastor. The presenting issue was how the church should respond to a homosexual couple whose house had burned down: should the church reach out...

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DOUBT: the film

reviewed by Remy Remigio The scene is St. Nicholas parish, the Bronx, 1964. Father Flynn, a progressive young priest, has been accused by the long-standing principal, Sister Aloysius, of foul play with the school’s first African-American student. Sister Aloysius...

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