There are a number of cities throughout Europe that need to hear the gospel from Jewish lips specifically because of what happened to us there. Three of these cities are Berlin, Warsaw and Budapest. Maybe you can already see the historical thread that connects these three cities.

Berlin is the place where the Holocaust was “born.” Warsaw was the location of the worst of the Nazi ghettos. Budapest is the place where the Holocaust came last. For us Jews to return to these cities, proclaiming God’s message of love, is life from the dead.

There’s only one message that can make sense out of what took place—the gospel. Why? Because the gospel tells us the truth about ourselves; that there’s a natural wickedness within each one of our hearts, capable of doing the most monstrous things. But the gospel also tells us that our hearts can be changed. The gospel tells us that God has given us a way to be forgiven and a way to forgive. And the gospel tells us that no matter what we’ve suffered and lost, we can be made whole.

I believe that the people in Berlin, Warsaw and Budapest need to hear the gospel, and they specifically need to hear the gospel from us Jews. When we stand on the streets, wearing our “Jews for Jesus” shirts and proclaiming God’s message of love, forgiveness and reconciliation, people understand that something miraculous is taking place.

That’s why we are calling our upcoming campaigns Life from the Dead. We’ll have teams of Jews for Jesus in Warsaw from June 6 to 16, in Berlin from July 12 to 28, and in Budapest from August 22 to September 8. Would you please remember to pray for my colleagues and me as the campaigns approach and when the campaigns actually take place? Pray …

  • First and foremost, that God will prepare the hearts of many Jews and non-Jews to receive the Good News from us (John 6:44)
  • That we’ll have a full roster of volunteers for the teams (Matthew 9:37-38)
  • That God will give us great unity and singleness of focus in all of the teams (Philippians 1:27)

It is my heart’s desire that Life from the Dead will not end with the last outreach we’ve planned for this summer. I want to see it continue until we’ve reached out with God’s promise of eternal life to all the cities where our people have been persecuted and died. Please keep us in prayer.

Your Jewish brother in Yeshua,

Avi Snyder, European Director, Jews for Jesus
Isaiah 49:6

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Hungary branch