Camp Gilgal Wonderful Winter Weekends

Camp Gilgal WWW is for Jewish believing children and youth ages 8-18. Plenty of fun along with opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship. Camps are in New Jersey, Illinois, and Northern/Southern California.  For exact dates and details, see or contact Dave “Moose” Garrett.

Blue Mosaic

You’re a musician, and your mother, cousin, grocer and Howie Mandel think you’ve got talent! (OK, maybe not Howie Mandel.) Consider being a part of our newest band, Blue Mosaic. We’re looking for Jewish believers who are talented singers, excellent instrumentalists, and gifted singer-songwriters to join this mobile music team in 2012. This is a one-year, salaried position. Info at For more details, contact Jeff Millenson or call 415-864-2600 x 151.