*We’re not asking for money. We want YOU!

Camp Gilgal’s Wonderful Winter Weekends — February 2011. For children and youth ages 8–18. www.campgilgal.com

And now’s the time to think about:

Summer Witnessing Campaign 2011 — If you’re a Jewish believer age 18–30, consider joining us for a month in New York of what could be the most challenging evangelism opportunity of your life. Contact Aaron Abramson or visit jewsforjesus.org/swc

Halutzim — July 2011. Our two-week missions trip to New York City for Jewish believers ages 16-18. Contact Heather or see www.halutzim.com

Massah — June–August 2011. A ten-week discipleship and outreach program for young adult Jewish believers. Seven weeks in Israel, then three weeks in other countries where Israelis travel and hang.