Havurah Volume 13 Number 01

The Changing Face of the Jewish Community: Meet the Asian-Jewish Intermarrieds
Author: Stan Meyer

The face of the Jewish community is changing. Nowhere is this clearer than in the case of intermarriage. In fact, many readers of Havurah may be Jewish and married to a non-Jew, or know someone who is. Five years ago we ran an article by Tuvya Zaretsky on intermarriage.1 At that time, Tuvya reported his…

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Backgrounder to Asian-Jewish Edition of Havurah
Author: Stan Meyer

Rise of Asian-Jewish Mixed Marriages Many began to notice Asian and American intermarriages in the 1990s after immigration from the Far East began to peak. Asian immigration increased steadily after 1965 when Congress reversed controversial racial quotas on immigration from the Far East. In 1975 following the Vietnam War, more than 130,000 refugees arrived in…

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In Their Own Words – Four Asian-Jewish Couples

Havurah posed several questions to Asian-Jewish couples who are both believers in Y’shua. Below we excerpt some of their answers. For the full responses, go to http://www.jewsforjesus.org/asianjewish Oded and Bimini Cohen Havurah: What are some aspects of your spouse’s background that you found challenging? Bimini (Chinese): The Israeli culture is quite the opposite of the…

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Web Only HavurahXTRA: In Their Own Words: Interviews with Asian-Jewish Couples (extended)

Havurah posed five questions to several Jewish-Asian couples where both partners are believers in Jesus. The print edition of Havurah excerpted the following responses which are given here in full. What are some aspects of your spouse’s background that you found challenging? (can be in terms of marital adjustment, family interactions, personal comfort level, or…

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