Havurah Volume 12 Number 01

and there was STRIFE: Jewish Believers and Conflict

Many of us have felt the ache of unresolved conflict in our lives despite our attempts to untangle and resolve it. In fact, as long as there are people, conflict is inevitable. Conflict can turn the most beautiful day of the year into the gloomiest. Two close friends of mine parted ways after years of…

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real-life conflict: four vignettes

CONGREGATIONAL CONFLICT Robert Rose The congregation I serve experienced conflict surrounding the resignation of the previous pastor. The presenting issue was how the church should respond to a homosexual couple whose house had burned down: should the church reach out and help the couple rebuild? Or was that response too supportive of a sinful lifestyle?…

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DOUBT: the film

reviewed by Remy Remigio The scene is St. Nicholas parish, the Bronx, 1964. Father Flynn, a progressive young priest, has been accused by the long-standing principal, Sister Aloysius, of foul play with the school’s first African-American student. Sister Aloysius has been suspicious of Flynn from the start. When the young and innocent Sister James confides…

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