Havurah Volume 11 Number 01

What Rosenberg Can Learn From Rodriguez

A Satmar Orthodox Jewish man once told me, “Messianic Jews aren’t Jewish!” He went on to add, “Reformed, Conservative, Hassidic and most ‘Orthodox’ Jews aren’t really Jewish either. . . .” Jewish identity was a simple matter for him. Real Jews follow the teachings of...

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What is Authentically Jewish?
Author: Rich Robinson

How do we answer the above question when, in every age and Jewish sub-culture, we have absorbed many influences from non-Jewish societies around us? These influences have not only affected food and fashion, but even religious expression and doctrine.1 They include:...

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Ten Questions for Emmanuel

29-year-old Emmanuel Mebasser is an Iranian-American Jewish believer in Jesus. He brings such a multicultural perspective to the table that we thought you might be interested in asking him a few questions. Since you’re not here, Aaron Abramson asked the...

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