Havurah Volume 10 Number 04

Virtual Disciples

It was a communication breakdown. MySpace, Facebook, Friendster, Photobucket, Skype, AIM, personal websites, e-mails—unavailable. All we could do was relate to . . . each other. Mere miles would not have hindered access to family and friends—but between our schedule, a computer shortage and the expense of overseas phone calls, the usual flow of electronic…

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Israelis Everywhere

Some might find my status as a “typical Israeli” debatable. On the one hand, I’ve spent my last several years in much the same way as my peers. On the other, I’ve done things that very few Israelis have done or would do. After my army service, I started traveling around the world (typical) but…

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t o g e t h e r a s o n e

Corporations spend millions of dollars annually training their employees in it. Universities offer courses on it. And every culture on this planet uses it on a daily basis. I got to experience it within the framework of a cross-cultural missions trip this past summer as part of a group of 13 young Jewish followers of…

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