We all struggle with how best to tell our unsaved families about Jesus, and there are no easy answers. But Jewish holidays provide wonderful opportunities for witnessing. Our redemption from Egypt is so typical of the way God works His salvation plans. And the well-known theme of the lamb’s shed blood can help you explain His plan to others. You might find some of these suggestions helpful:

  • If you are a relatively new believer, be sure your family and friends know about your faith before the family gathering. Passover is no time to announce that you have accepted Jesus. The shock would likely detract from your family’s enjoyment of the holiday and prevent them from considering spiritual things.
  • If you visit someone else’s home for Passover, do not come empty-handed. Whether or not you have money to spend, you can show appreciation for your host/hostess. This means as much to family members as it would to anyone else. Anything from a box of macaroons (kosher for Passover, of course!) to a bouquet of flowers would be a thoughtful contribution and a good story.
  • Be familiar with the Passover Haggadah. Maybe your family and friends assume your belief in Jesus proves that you are the least knowledgeable at the table. You might startle them into listening to you by showing competence in knowing and doing the traditions of Passover.
  • If you have children who are old enough, teach them to ask the four questions. It is good to educate your children in important Jewish traditions and it is important for your family to see that you care about these things.
  • If possible, invite a Jewish or Gentile Christian friend to the seder. If it is not in your home, be sure to check with whoever is hosting the seder. It would be good moral support for you to have another believer present. Also, whereas a prophet is sometimes without honor in his own town,” a believing friend might gain a better hearing.
  • Be humble and gentle in your story. In many homes, the Passover celebration has deteriorated from a God-ordained rite to just another family get-together with the main emphasis on the meal. Be careful that you don’t become condescending or harsh if this is true of your family. Except for the grace of God, you wouldn’t have the spiritual sight to know the difference! Your family will not be open to hearing you if they feel your attitude is judgmental.
  • Remember that Passover is a festive time and conduct your witness accordingly. Our witness shouldn’t be stuffy or overly theological. It should be serious and yet joyous!

Whether you are a guest or have the privilege to host the family seder this year, pray, pray, pray that God will give you wisdom and courage to make the most of your opportunities. The Apostle Paul wrote: “Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season” (2 Timothy 4:2). So, let’s be ready this Passover season!