Havurah Volume 09 Number 03

Jewish Guilt and the High Holy Days

“What special day do we celebrate next?” said a little girl to her father as she climbed into his lap. “Well, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot come just after summer,” he replied. By her unmoved expression he gathered that she was not terribly impressed. This was no surprise since she had only been four years old at last year’s services. Still, he had hoped that she would show a spark of interest, have some memory of the fall festivals. Was her lack of interest due to the relatively small Jewish community in their town? Or perhaps he’d not been intentional enough to balance his non-Jewish spouse’s inexperience with Jewish traditions. Whatever the case, one thing was certain: he was feeling stirrings of guilt. “Well,” he began, “Rosh Hashanah is . . . ,” but before he could finish, she had wriggled out of his lap and run out of the living room.

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Mushroom Barley Soup
Topics: recipes

If you are entertaining ushpizin for Sukkot here is a tasty treat they’re sure to love. This recipe debuted in Melissa Moskowitz’s Jews for Jesus Family Cookbook and appeared with many other holiday offerings in David Brickner’s Christ in the Feast of Tabernacles.

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Movie Title: Ushpizin Director: Gidi Dar Writers: Udi Lion (story editor), Shuli Rand Primary Actors (stars): Shuli Rand, Michal Bat-Sheva Rand, Shaul Mizrahi Date released: 25 November 2005 (USA) Genre: Drama MPAA rating: PG Duration: 1h 30min Reviewer: Yoel Ben David Ushpizin” is the Aramaic word for “guest.” It is also the title of a…

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Christ in the Feast of the Tabernacles
Author: Seth Richards

Book Title: Christ in the Feast of the Tabernacles Author: David Brickner Date Published: May 1, 2006 Publisher: Moody Publishers; New Edition edition Genre: 1. Messianic Judaism2. Judaism3. Ritual ISBN: 978-0802413963 Reviewer: Seth Richards You probably know that the Feast of Tabernacles, or Sukkot, is the final of the three Harvest Festivals and concludes the…

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Bulletin Board

Holy Day Reminder ROSH HASHANAH: Saturday – Sunday, September 23-24 YOM KIPPUR: Monday, October 2 SUKKOT: Saturday-Saturday, October 7-14 SIMCHAT TORAH: Sunday, October 15 (All holidays begin the previous evening.) To see if Jews for Jesus is having a High Holy Day service near you go to: High Holiday Services Free Holy Day E-cards! We’ve…

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