Aaron’s article stated:

When Isaac was called, he was reminded of Abraham’s special relationship with God and of the covenant promises (Genesis 26:2-5). Jacob was reminded of the Lord’s relationship with both Abraham and Isaac (Genesis 28:13). Moses was reminded of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Exodus 3:6). Joshua was reminded of Moses’ faithful service (Joshua 1:1-3). They stood upon a foundation built by those who went before them. An association, an unseen bond united these heroes in their call to the Lord’s service.”

What does that mean to us as modern-day Jewish servants of the Lord? Maybe reflecting on a few questions will bring it into perspective:

  • Whose service stands as an inspiration to you as you seek to serve God?
  • Whom do you hope might find inspiration in you as they seek to serve God?
  • What have you done or might you do in the future to link yourself with God’s servants, past, present and future?