Book Title: The Wonder Book: Answers to Kids’ Questions
Author: Child Evangelism Fellowship
Date Published: 2000
Publisher: CEF Press
ISBN: 978-1559760249
Reviewer: Jews for Jesus

Scores of books on evangelism are available, but little has been written that presents the gospel to Jewish children. There are not many materials on the market for Jewish children that are biblical, user-friendly, imaginative and affordable. It is almost as if the evangelical pen has run dry when it comes to creatively and sensitively expounding the Good News to Jewish youth and informing those who want to know how to minister to them.

That is why it is encouraging to note that Child Evangelism Fellowship partnered with Jews for Jesus to compile CEF’s Wonderbook,” a 64-page, full-color illustrated book of Bible stories, culturally relevant for Jewish children. “The Wonderbook” has been printed in over 50 different languages. Its illustrations have been altered and changed where necessary to make it culturally appropriate for different groups. Such a challenge faced Jews for Jesus as well when it agreed to spearhead a version for Jewish children.

This 5×7 booklet is available from Jews for Jesus as a resource that can be used in a number of different ways. We have thought of some, but perhaps you will think of others (let us know!).

  • your child can give this booklet to his/her unsaved Jewish friends and family
  • Messianic congregations and churches can use this booklet for their own children as well as for the families they reach out to in Yeshua’s name
  • Wonderbook clubs can be sponsored by your church or congregation that would function like small group Bible studies
  • this booklet can be distributed at missions conferences, Sunday School conventions, Messianic get-togethers (Jews for Jesus Ingatherings, Messianic conferences)
  • Vacation Bible School programs can use this booklet to reach out to the Jewish friends and family of the believers who come

The Wonderbook gives a clear, age-appropriate gospel message to a Jewish audience. Children who receive it will be invited to respond and join the Mailbox Club so that they can study the Bible via correspondence if they wish. The Mailbox Club lessons have been revised as well to be appropriate for Jewish children.

This resource is available through Jews for Jesus.

Editor’s note: Jews for Jesus staff do not witness to minors without parental consent.