Havurah Volume 08 Number 02

Bulletin Board

1. Behold Your God Consider serving with Behold Your God” in the coming months!! Opportunities are as varied as helping to pack tract bags, hand out water bottles to weary campaigners, share in our prayer network OR be a full-time campaigner (for all or part of a campaign). Campaigns will take place in: MARSEILLES, FRANCE…

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To the Jew First and Also to the Gentile

We spoke to several pastors who are Jewish and who also lead evangelical churches. Their stories are testimonies of God’s faithful leading to bring three men to Himself from their Jewish backgrounds, as well as leading them into ministry in the church. They feel the liberty of the Spirit to minister to the general population…

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We Had Questions…Oy! So Many Good Answers!

This was the most fun article to put together, because it’s all about YOU! We recognize that not all of our Havurah readers worship at a Messianic congregation, or live so far out in Yennevelt that they don’t have the option. Many in our Messianic family have chosen to worship in local churches and have…

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Wonder What You Can Do with the Wonderbook?

Book Title: The Wonder Book: Answers to Kids’ Questions Author: Child Evangelism Fellowship Date Published: 2000 Publisher: CEF Press ISBN: 978-1559760249 Reviewer: Jews for Jesus Scores of books on evangelism are available, but little has been written that presents the gospel to Jewish children. There are not many materials on the market for Jewish children…

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What’s a Nice Jewish Boy Like You…?
Author: Stephen Katz

Stephen Katz is currently chief of station of our Jews for Jesus-D.C. branch, having moved to the Washington area two years ago. But for many years he and his family lived in San Francisco, and from that base Stephen wrote the lead articles for Mishpochah Message” and “Havurah.” The Katzes’ journey to find a place…

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