Havurah Volume 08 Number 01

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Jewish-Gentile Couples: becoming one flesh and one spirit

In 1972, the sitcom Bridget Loves Bernie,” which had at its nexus a Jewish husband and a Gentile wife, was cancelled after one season because the intermarriage theme was considered too controversial. Evidently immune to the fuss, the stars of the show, Meredith Baxter (Gentile) and David Birney (Jewish) caused quite a stir when they…

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Two Sides to the Story
Author: Oded Cohen

As an Israeli-Chinese couple, Oded and Bimini’s story is a fitting illustration of Tuvya’s thesis that Jesus truly transcends all cultural barriers. Bimini My brother called me resilient” because as a baby I fell out of my mother’s car as she made a quick turn. As I lay beneath the car behind her, my mother…

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Seeing Anyone Special?
Author: Ruth Rosen

Is there any group of people within the Jewish community or, at times, even the Messianic Jewish community, whose family status is as much discussed as those who have “married out”? I think that those who have not married at all run a close second. Remaining single and celibate is not such a Jewish thing…

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Irreconcilable Differences?

Book Title: Messianic Judaism is Not Christianity: A Loving Call to Unity. Author: Stan Telchin Date Published: September 1, 2004 Publisher: Chosen Books Genre: 1. Messianic Judaism2. Ecclesiology3. Evangelism ISBN: 978-0800793722 Reviewer: Jews for Jesus Given the polar opinions regarding Some Messianic Jews Say Messianic Judaism is Not Christianity: A Loving Call to Unity” we…

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