Amitai: A Soldier’s Story and a Recurring Dream

There were 14 generations from our ancestor Abraham to King David; 14 generations from David to the Babylonian exile and 14 generations from the exile to the coming of our Messiah Yeshua. For Amitai, an Israeli soldier who recently became a believer in Yeshua, the number 14 is also significant, for Amitai’s family has not left Israel for 14 generations. This is very rare.

When the rabbis returned from the Diaspora, they were set on one thing: preserving Jewishness in the Holy Land. They met people like Amitai’s family, who were quite glad to listen to them. Amitai grew up on the Talmud and the Gemara and was attracted to the idea that God was real.

As far back as he can remember, Amitai wondered about the Messiah. At an early age, he began reading books about Messiah. Nothing in the rabbinical books seemed to satisfy his curiosity. He was intrigued by the idea that the Messiah would come out of Israel—but where was he? When would he come? Hadn’t the Jewish people suffered long enough?

These questions remained unanswered in Amitai’s mind until a few months ago, when he met Dan Sered, a Jews for Jesus missionary, on the street. Dan and Amitai found they were the same age and began to meet together to talk about the Messiah. For the first time Amitai felt in his heart that he had found the truth about Messiah, but why was it tangled up in this man called Yeshua? How could the Messiah have come and yet his people not have known?

I began to meet with Amitai while Dan was out of town. We pored through the Scriptures together. Amitai was impressed that my family had been in Israel even more generations than his! After much time together, Amitai prayed with me to receive Yeshua as his Messiah.

Since receiving Yeshua, Amitai has had a recurring dream. He is wearing dirty clothes and is in a desert. He sees Yeshua’s hands outstretched to him there. Then he is at the Sea of Galilee and there are Yeshua’s hands again, reassuring him to not be afraid. In his dream, Amitai reaches out to Yeshua and his clothes become unbelievably clean and white, but when he draws back his hands, they become dirty again. This dream has encouraged Amitai to keep his hands outstretched to the One who has answered his questions once and for all.


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